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Premium Chopped Straw Bedding & High Quality Chopped Hay Feed
We take pride in producing a new type of animal bedding as well as a high quality four grass blend of hay for your pets and animals. Our products are available in pet and feed stores from Alaska to Arizona.

Lazy J's Chopped Straw Bedding is a cost-effective alternative to wood shavings and other bedding products on the market. Why is chopped straw different? By chopping the straw, more fibers are exposed making the bedding more absorbent. It is also easier to clean because the smaller pieces sift through your fork. You will have less bedding to replace each time and you will save time cleaning your stalls. Our straw also provides your animals with softer and warmer bedding.

Exceptionally clean wheat straw – we extract the dust allowing us to package very clean bedding for your animals.

Environmentally friendly. Straw is a renewable resource that is produced every year in our region and straw biodegrades faster than shavings.

Lazy J's Chopped Hay is a mixture of Timothy, Brome, Orchard Grass and Tall Fescue. Only our highest quality hay is used for packaging. Our chopped hay provides for easy feeding and less waste. If you have a picky-eater or an older animal, our chopped hay will work very well for them! Customers find that they are not wasting feed like they did with regular bales of hay. A great value!!

And because of the unique packaging, both products are easy to transport. No mess to clean up in your vehicle! We use white 4.0 mil bags that are weatherproof and stack and store easily. Because our products are compressed, you will save space and your storage area will have a neat and clean appearance.

Our products are locally grown in the Idaho/Washington Palouse region.

Perfect Bedding & Feed For:
Horses Goats Sheep Rabbits
Dogs Chickens Alpacas Other Small Animals
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