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Chopped Hay
  • Certified weed free
  • High quality hay combination of Timothy, Brome, Orchard Grass and Tall Fescue
  • Excellent feed for horses, alpacas, sheep, goats, llamas, and other animals
  • Chopped hay provides for easy feeding with less waste – if you have a picky-eater or an older animal, our chopped hay is an excellent feed for them! Your animal will not waste nearly as much hay as they do with a regular bale of hay
  • Hand selected premium hay grown in the Idaho/Washington Palouse Region
  • Great care is taken from the time of harvest to processing and packaging in order to ensure the hay is high quality and protected from the weather
  • Compressed and packaged in 4.0 mil bags making it weatherproof and easy to transport
  • Bags stack and store easily – you will save space and you are able to keep your storage area cleaner
  • No mess in your family vehicle – pick up a bag up at your local feed store on the same day you are picking up other supplies
  • Don't let the size of the bag fool you! Uncompressed, the bag contains approximately 10 cubic feet of high quality chopped hay
  • A high quality feed that your animal will love and a great value for you

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