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Q: How can we purchase your products?
A: Ask for our products at your local feed and pet store. If your store is not currently offering our products, please ask them to contact AFCO Distribution whose headquarters are in Spokane, Washington, as they are the exclusive distributors for our straw and hay products.
Q: What kind of straw do you use?
A: We use wheat straw and only chop and package our very cleanest straw. Retailers and their customers are surprised at how clean our straw is.
Q: Is your straw product environmentally friendly?
A: Yes! Our product is a renewable natural resource that is produced every year in the Idaho/Washington Palouse Region, and straw decomposes much faster than wood shavings or pellets.
Q: Is straw bedding just for horses?
A: No, straw bedding is great for most animals. With the new surge of people in cities now being able to raise chickens, we are finding it to be a great market for our product. We also have customers who love it for their goats, especially when they are having their babies. We have customers with sheep, alpacas, llamas and even rabbits and guinea pigs who are using this product. It is also a great product for 4-H and FFA projects. Customers also love it for their dogs. It provides soft and warm bedding for their animals.
Q: Why do you chop the straw?
A: Chopping the straw makes it much more absorbent than longer straw and it also makes it much easier to clean. The smaller pieces are easier to pick than longer pieces of regular straw and you will not have to replace as much bedding as you would with longer straw. It also allows us to compress and package the straw into the 4.0 mil bags that make it weatherproof and easy to transport, stack and store.
Q: What are the advantages of straw animal bedding?
A: Chopped straw bedding takes less time to clean, you will not have to replace as much of the bedding each time and it provides your animals with a much warmer and softer bed.
Q: What variety of hay are you currently packaging?
A: Our hay is a high quality combination of Timothy, Brome, Orchard Grass and Tall Fescue.
Q: How do we know what quality the hay is?
A: We only package our highest quality hay and take great care from the time of harvest to processing and packaging to ensure it is of high quality. We also provide our retail stores with display stands that hold open bags of our products so you are able to see, touch and inspect the quality of the product.
Q: What are the advantages of chopped hay?
A: If you have an animal that tends to pick through their hay you will find that they waste very little from our bag of hay. It is also a great product for your older pets that have trouble chewing. For pet owners with smaller animals, you will find that our product is a great savings compared to the smaller packages currently on the market.
Q: How much product is in each bag?
A: Don't let the size of the bag fool you. Uncompressed, the bag contains approximately 10 cubic feet of product.
Q: Are both of these products local / USA made products?
A: Yes, both our hay and straw are grown on fields in the heart of the Idaho/Washington Palouse Region.

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