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Lonnie Phay

"I started using Lazy J Bedding chopped straw for my goats and found that the ease of cleanup and storage was so nice that I started using it for my dogs, chickens and rabbits also.

Truly an excellent product!!"

Lonnie Phay

Lynn M. Walker

"In my sixty plus years of horse husbandry, I've used a variety of bedding products:  paper, pellets, peanut shells, and various wood shavings and sawdust.   

Lazy J Bedding is the best solution I have ever seen, and here is why:  

1.  Cleaner, nearly dust free.

2.  Solves the problem of horses with compromised respiratory systems or allergies to wood products.

3.  Environmentally friendly- rapid decomposition making a great fertilizer for pastures.

4.  Economically competitive and uses straw from our own Palouse country.

5.  Consistent thatch size results in ease of cleaning and minimum waste.  

In short, I believe this is a fabulous local product, environmentally friendly, and it is the healthiest alternative for your horses."

Lynn M. Walker
Last Hurrah Ranch, LLC

Sabrina and Nick Ferris

"We have used Lazy J Bedding's chopped straw for almost three years and recently started using the chopped hay. Both products are top quality!

The chopped straw is the best bedding we've found for use in the chicken coop and in the goat or alpaca sheds. It absorbs the moisture and then decomposes into a fabulous soil amendment.

We'd recommend both products to anyone!"

Sabrina and Nick Ferris, Wolf Springs Ranch, LLC


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